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Each free, impartial appointment starts by conducting a full income and expenditure assessment so that we can fully understand your individual circumstances.  You will therefore need to have all of your latest wage slips and benefits information, bills, statements and any other records so that we can build up an accurate picture to assist you to the fullest extent.  When you make an appointment to see one of our advisors, we will write to you to confirm the date and time of the appointment.

Working with you in full confidentiality, we will build up a financial statement which summarises your financial situation and debts; we will then discuss with you what your options are.  We will work with you independently to establish fair and affordable repayments to your creditors and can negotiate with them on your behalf if required.  Whatever your situation, we will support you throughout the process of helping you to become debt free.

Our independent advisors are able to come to you but we do have a room we can use near our offices if you would prefer, just ask when the appointment is being made.

Other possible routes that we may discuss with you at the first meeting are:

DMP (Debt Management Plan) - Regular repayments to creditors

AO (Administration Order)

DRO (Debt Relief Order) -We are one of the few agencies that have authorised intermediaries to process DRO’s within Plymouth.


IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangements)

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